Strange Days

What a strange couple of days! Monday night it rained hardcore all night and I kept hearing little pellets of sleet/hail hit my windows. I love a good thunderstorm so it was fantastic. When I woke up it had melted a lot of the snow.

Rainy Day in March

Mini Hail

Then on Tuesday it rained all night again, but was more sleety. On Wednesday morning I woke up and saw this outside.

March Snow Storm

I don't know if you can see but there's a mini lake going on back there. With all the snow and rain we've had this winter flooding concerns are high. March sure is a silly month! Just when you think spring weather has arrived it throws you for a loop!

The snow was about up to Ryan's chest, which he wasn't too fond of.


Seeing as it was so icky outside I worked on some training with Ryan, but of course Lincoln wanted to get in on the action (treats).

Lincoln and Ryan


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