Adventurous Weekend

This past week and weekend have been pretty adventurous in comparison to normal life around here. On Friday I went bowling at a friend's family-owned bowling alley and had delicious pizza. Also on Friday we took in a puppy that needed fostering. He and his sibling were found in a river by a police officer and while the officer was able to save one he couldn't save the other. Through a series of emails my parents decided to foster him for the weekend to see how well he'd get along with our other dog. They don't think they're going to keep him, but it was fun to have a puppy at our house for the first time.

My Mom and Ryan the Puppy
Ryan and Mom

On Saturday I went with a friend to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to do some shopping and get out of town for awhile. I did a lot of window shopping, although I did purchase a few things. I got a new messenger-style purse, some make up, a shirt, and a few goodies from World Market. We also stopped at my favorite coffee shop ever, Coffea Roasterie. I had an amazing hazelnut latte that came with candied hazelnuts, it's the little touches!

Hazelnut Latte from Coffea Roasterie
Hazelnut Latte

Then this morning I had breakfast with my mom at Perkins and afterward we popped over to my work to show my coworkers Ryan the puppy. They loved him! The puppy goes back to the animal clinic tomorrow morning and luckily there are 4 people on a waiting list for him. We hope that whoever adopts him treats him well and gives him a warm and loving him home.


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