One of my new nail colors. I love the minty pastel green.
Spring Pastels

Ryan trying to eat Lincoln's food
Hungry Ryan

An alley downtown
Bright Alley

A tasty supper I cooked up. I've been hooked on salads lately.
Spring Meal

Mmmmmm :D

Is It Summer Yet?

One of my favorite bands, Friendly Fires, recently released a single from their upcoming album and I am pumped for the album in May. Can't you just picture yourself sitting outside, your beverage of choice in hand, relaxing under the summer sun, while listening to this song?

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Strange Days

What a strange couple of days! Monday night it rained hardcore all night and I kept hearing little pellets of sleet/hail hit my windows. I love a good thunderstorm so it was fantastic. When I woke up it had melted a lot of the snow.

Rainy Day in March

Mini Hail

Then on Tuesday it rained all night again, but was more sleety. On Wednesday morning I woke up and saw this outside.

March Snow Storm

I don't know if you can see but there's a mini lake going on back there. With all the snow and rain we've had this winter flooding concerns are high. March sure is a silly month! Just when you think spring weather has arrived it throws you for a loop!

The snow was about up to Ryan's chest, which he wasn't too fond of.


Seeing as it was so icky outside I worked on some training with Ryan, but of course Lincoln wanted to get in on the action (treats).

Lincoln and Ryan

New Family Member



Animals sure have a way of sneaking their way into our hearts. After much debate Sunday night we decided to keep the puppy Ryan. We just couldn't part with such a cute dog that has a lot of potential to become a great dog. We're hoping that Ryan will be able to be a buddy for our other dog Lincoln someday.

He had a vet appointment this morning to make things official and then I went with my mom to her work to show Ryan off to all of her coworkers. People sure do love a puppy!

It was my day off today so I spent the whole day with Ryan and Lincoln. I'm used to doing my own thing while Lincoln sleeps all day in the living room, but today I stayed in the living room mostly watching Ryan play and sleep. I'm not sure Lincoln has warm fuzzy feelings towards Ryan, but I'm sure once Ryan is bigger they'll be able to play more.

Having a puppy will certainly be a new challenge and adventure for our family, but it's one I know we'll be able to handle.

Adventurous Weekend

This past week and weekend have been pretty adventurous in comparison to normal life around here. On Friday I went bowling at a friend's family-owned bowling alley and had delicious pizza. Also on Friday we took in a puppy that needed fostering. He and his sibling were found in a river by a police officer and while the officer was able to save one he couldn't save the other. Through a series of emails my parents decided to foster him for the weekend to see how well he'd get along with our other dog. They don't think they're going to keep him, but it was fun to have a puppy at our house for the first time.

My Mom and Ryan the Puppy
Ryan and Mom

On Saturday I went with a friend to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to do some shopping and get out of town for awhile. I did a lot of window shopping, although I did purchase a few things. I got a new messenger-style purse, some make up, a shirt, and a few goodies from World Market. We also stopped at my favorite coffee shop ever, Coffea Roasterie. I had an amazing hazelnut latte that came with candied hazelnuts, it's the little touches!

Hazelnut Latte from Coffea Roasterie
Hazelnut Latte

Then this morning I had breakfast with my mom at Perkins and afterward we popped over to my work to show my coworkers Ryan the puppy. They loved him! The puppy goes back to the animal clinic tomorrow morning and luckily there are 4 people on a waiting list for him. We hope that whoever adopts him treats him well and gives him a warm and loving him home.

Space Dilemma

I recently moved around the TV in my room and I'm now left with an awkward empty space on/above my dresser.

TV's New Home
TV's New Home

TV's Old Home/Now Empty Space
Dead Space

The space around the dresser is now just so awkward and empty looking. I'm thinking about possibly hanging a picture above it, but then the space on top of the dresser seems a bit empty/sad. I need help figuring out what to do with this area, please help! Feel free to post ideas in the comments section, they will be much appreciated!
Birthday Party Drinks
Birthday Party

Daylight Savings Bonus
It's 7pm and Light Outside

Bar Snacks

My Brother and His Girlfriend
These Two

Amazing Bar Food
Bar Food

My Desk
My View

Game Night!

Not much blog-worthy has been happening around these parts lately. The weather is slowly moving on to spring even though as we speak it's super sunny and snowing. I will be sad to see winter leave, but spring brings it's own brand of excitement, like thunderstorms as my dear friend reminded me!

Last night I hung out with my brother and his girlfriend at his house and watched them play Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I brought over supper and a good time was had by all. As much as I love playing video games, sometimes it's more fun to watch others play. There was a lot of yelling and and swearing going on as both Jake and Steph tried to beat a particularly tough boss. I loved every minute of it! The laid back night was a success due in part to delicious Culver's food, snugly warm blankets, and a super sour bag of gummi worms!

Steph Killing a Bad Guy
Twilight Princess

Party Central
Jake's Disco Ball

Tired from all the Excitement
Sterph Chirp