New Family Member



Animals sure have a way of sneaking their way into our hearts. After much debate Sunday night we decided to keep the puppy Ryan. We just couldn't part with such a cute dog that has a lot of potential to become a great dog. We're hoping that Ryan will be able to be a buddy for our other dog Lincoln someday.

He had a vet appointment this morning to make things official and then I went with my mom to her work to show Ryan off to all of her coworkers. People sure do love a puppy!

It was my day off today so I spent the whole day with Ryan and Lincoln. I'm used to doing my own thing while Lincoln sleeps all day in the living room, but today I stayed in the living room mostly watching Ryan play and sleep. I'm not sure Lincoln has warm fuzzy feelings towards Ryan, but I'm sure once Ryan is bigger they'll be able to play more.

Having a puppy will certainly be a new challenge and adventure for our family, but it's one I know we'll be able to handle.


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