Slumdog Millionaire

What an amazing movie. I wasn't even aware it was playing in my town's tiny theater, but thanks to an email from a professor I as able to see it right before the Academy Awards.

I am still running on the high you get after seeing an excellent movie. At the risk of sounding cliche, this movie moved me in so many ways. I traveled to India about a year ago and saw firsthand many of the sights shown in the movie. The great part about this movie is that it showed the sad inner workings of India through the eyes of someone living it, which is a world many tourists will never know.

Everything about this movie was great. I was pulled in to the movie from the beginning scene and my eyes never left the screen until the credits began. I know this is sounding a bit over dramatic but I just can't convey how wonderful this movie is. I encourage you all to go see it! The music in the movie is great as well and I can't wait to buy the soundtrack and the movie!

Under Pressure!

Tonight I had a night off from work and thought it was a great opportunity to actually cook something. I went to the grocery store after class and got some items including the cheese of the month, Gouda. I'll figure out what to do with that later... Tonight I figured I'd try my hand at making something Moroccan-ish. I picked up an artichoke and some chicken while I was at the store and got to cookin'.

I put the artichoke in my new 3-in-1 pressure cooker after trimming off the pointy bits on the leaves. It cooked for 8 minutes.

I decided to try the Bare Chicken seeing as how I'm all for natural and organic foods and better treatment of animals.

I thought I'd let you guys check out the sizzling goodness for yourself instead of a picture. In the pan I had a few fennel seeds, a clove of garlic, half a small onion, and a tich each of garlic powder, allspice, and ground coriander. While that was cooking I made couscous and into the boiling water I put a pinch of dried sweet basil leaves. It all turned out really well. I don't know if the basil was a good addition to the couscous though. The chicken was also worth the price. I had a slice of roasted garlic bread as well that I dipped into the melted butter for the artichoke.

The finished product! Yumm!