Mini Update

Thanks to a freak-blizzard on Sunday I wasn't able to go to the Biffy Clyro concert in Minneapolis that my brother and I had already bought tickets for. Needless to say we were royally bummed. We consoled ourselves by going out for breakfast with his girlfriend and getting a dozen doughnuts. I also laid in bed all day doing absolutely nothing as protest to the crappy situation.

I would have been posting here about the fabulous time I had at the concert, but since I can't do that, I'll post some miscellaneous pictures for you to look at.

Pic 1. This is our dog Lincoln. He's a goob. He's also responsible for that damage to the chair.
Pic 2. A replica of a Japanese temple in O'ahu. One of my favorite places in O'ahu.
Pic 3. An iced soy chai I made at work. Soy chais are probably my favorite drink ever. Ooh, but bubble tea is amazing too. I think it's a tie.
Pic 4. Lincoln again. You can tell it's summer in this picture because his hair is trimmed short.

If you have any fun random pictures feel free to link to them in the comments!


Byodo-In Temple

Soy Chai



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