Metal Detecting and Rainy Weekends

Thanks to a scheduling mistake I got the weekend off again. On Saturday my dad and I went metal detecting in a field about 10 minutes out of town. When my dad last drove by it there was an old foundation of a house and some trees. When we arrived the foundation had all been buried and the trees chopped down. This made it harder for us to figure out where to start digging.

Early Foggy Morning

The land we were on belongs to one of my dad's coworker's family. They were so nice to let us poke around it for a morning. I had the first find and it was shotgun shell. I found a few more of those later. Mostly all the beeps coming from the detector were telling us there was a lot of iron in the ground. Unfortunately, coins and jewelry aren't made of iron. We dug up a lot of old farming parts and did manage to find a couple of cool things.

Metal Detecting

We packed up when the people who own the land came to put some more dirt on the field. After that we headed down the road and went to another site owned by the same family. There used to be a house that one of their relatives lived in, but they had burned down the house since no one was living there anymore. There was tons of neat things lying around the land. While my dad did some more detecting, I poked around in the woods looking at all the abandoned buildings.

Burned Down House

Burnin' Down the House

Old Projector

Two Old Sheds

Shatterd Pottery

Old Curtains


After about an hour we concluded our treasure hunting and headed home. Luckily, we left before the rain started to fall.

Sunday, we took the puppy to our friends' house who have a cat so that Ryan could meet it. They live twenty minutes out of town so it was a nice drive in the country on a dreary day. When we got there we let Ryan run around their land and explore all the fun smells that puppies like. After drying the little guy off we headed in to let Ryan to meet Jones the cat. Jones doesn't like people very much so he ran off and hid in the basement while we were there.

Sword Plant

Herb Garden

We hung out and talked a bit and then my friend had the idea to take Ryan to the basement to meet Jones. A few minutes later she came back up and said the meeting wasn't very exciting. They just sniffed each other, shrugged their shoulders, then turned around. At least there wasn't any hissing or swatting!

Next time we agreed to have my friend take Ryan into the house alone so that Jones wouldn't get scared and run off.

Be sure to check out my Flickr Photostream for more pictures that didn't make the cut.

Our finds!

A Whole Bunch of Junk

Some finds!


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