The XX - "VCR"

It's not often that a music video makes me feel anything. Sure I may be entertained for four minutes or think, "What the hell did I just watch?" But for the The XX's new video for their song "VCR" it's a different story.

I think one of my dear friends put it best, it's the "simple sweet gestures" that make it so beautiful. The way the girl chews on her sleeve, the shoe falling off the boy's foot after he kicks through the wall, and how he gently plays with the girl's hair.

So often we see music videos from mainstream pop or hip-hop groups that are so over-the-top and in-your-face that it loses any sense of anything actually artistic. This video does quite the opposite. The viewer is led through a series of wonderfully created images of two teens exploring what seems to be an abandoned building. What affected me most about this video was how long the images and what they convey lingered in my mind. It made me long for a love like the two teens in the video so obviously have; comfortable, simple, and true.

I invite you to view the video and see how it moves you.


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