What If Everything Is Perfect The Way It Is?

Even though the first day of spring has come and gone, stubborn snow is still sticking to the ground. It's the time of year when Minnesotans start going crazy with Spring Fever and graduates start panicking about finding a job and repaying loans. I'm in the last category.

In May I'll be graduating (for the second time) and will have two degrees under my belt. With so much education you'd think it'd be easy finding a job right? For me, not so much. Unlike most people I have no 'dream job.' What I do know is that I want to be happy, support myself, and enjoy weekends off.

But what if everything is perfect the way it is? I have a job, albeit I'm beginning to strongly dislike it, I have a roof over my head (even if it is my parents), and I've made lasting friendships. Minus the lousy job situation and still living with my parents at the age of 24, I'm kind of happy with the way things are. Unfortunately I know that this 'easy living' can't last. It's time to grow up quickly.

So while spring starts to warm up the ground and people's dispositions, I'll continue to job hunt at the kitchen table hoping the right job will find me.


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