Summer Send-off

Jake's House

Long Trek Home  
Lunch Outside

Shooting Range  
Grilling Corn

Chateau Eaux Vives

Fire Pit 
Breakfast in the Tent

I've finally admitted to myself that Summer is leaving us. Above are a few highlights from my summer. 

My brother bought his first house. I discovered a new favorite drink via Caribou Coffee. I ate outside a lot. I shot a gun for the first time. I tried to grill corn and ate a s'more. I slept in a tent for a week. I bought a fire pit. I ate breakfast in a tent. 

What were some of your summer highlights?


Anonymous said...

My highlight was seeing u in a wedding and hanging out with u afterward....especially in the parking lot!

Jane said...
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AUTUMN!! said...

The Awesome Austin Adventure! No summer classes :) and the many weddings we went to and were able to see old friends. Also, Summy Shandy -my Fav!!

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