Have you ever had that feeling where you felt like you were in a blue funk, but had no idea why? Or felt unreasonably nervous about going to the grocery store? If so, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

This isn't one of my typical food or music posts, but I'm curious if other people feel like I do.

Lately I've just felt, for lack of a better word, out of it. I can't put my finger on one thing that's making me feel this way, but all I know is that it's frustrating to deal with. I feel bored, yet I want to go do something and even though I want to do something I have no motivation to do so.

Recently, I've also started up some of my old uncontrollable anxious habits. I'll yawn as if I'm trying to catch my breath, tighten my chest to push the air out of my lungs, and cough for no reason. They're all really annoying and happen on their own. A quick Google search told me I'm experiencing symptoms of anxiety, but what am I anxious about? Sure I've got things on my mind just like everyone else, find new job, cope with current job, move out, find love, lose weight, you know, average things. Unfortunately, I can't put my finger on what is behind my nervous habits.

There's a strong history of mental health problems on my mom's side, but I've always felt that my dad's calmness and stability was somehow passed down to my brother and I and that would protect me from some of that nasty stuff from my mom's side. Might be wishful thinking, but I feel that I may have gotten some of those mental issues. I know that medication can be helpful for some, but I don't want that for myself. I've always been of the holistic healing mindset and think that the practice of mind over matter would be more beneficial for me. Don't misunderstand though, I'm not talking waving my arms around and chanting kind of healing, I'll totally go to the doctor if I've got something wrong with me (if I had insurance), but I'd rather try and help heal myself without medication.

So I ask you, when you're feeling stressed, sad, anxious, nervous, jittery, what do you do to calm yourself?

I'll keep you all posted on my progress and what I come across that helps me. <3


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