Cat's Summer Pasta Salad

This afternoon I felt inspired to try to recreate a pasta salad that my friend Cat made one night on the fly. She makes the best food ever. Only problem is that it's a one time deal as she doesn't follow a recipe or write anything down, which is also the exciting part of eating her creations.

Here's my version:
Gluten-free spiral noodles


Artichoke hearts

Chopped onion

Fresh chopped basil

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Scant amount of Rice vinegar

Minced garlic

Salt and Pepper

Newman's Own lime dressing

Morning Star veggie chik'n strips

Thinly sliced radish from my garden

This salad turned out really well in my opinion. I feel like it's still missing a little something. Cat's was much better than mine, but I would definitely make it again.


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