I just Tweeted.

A running joke among friends, we used to wonder what the heck Twitter was. We knew everyone was tweeting, yet we still had no idea what it did or what it was supposed to do. Was it like Facebook? Myspace? Did you have a profile? What was everyone Tweeting about?!

Then I was talking with a coworker that asked if I was on Twitter. This was shocking to me because my coworker was the last person I thought to be on Twitter. Well she informed me what it was and I made up my mind that night to make a Twitter account. I mean, for research purposes only right?

Well now I'm following the Tweets of the editor for Gourmet Magazine, Terry Gross of NPR, and my own personal God of Rock, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

There's something that seems taboo about Twitter. Like those that Twitter (yes it's a verb too) get picked on. Why do us Twitterers think anyone would care about what we're doing at any given minute? Are we that narcissistic? Because humans are curious. We do care. Why does almost every cable channel on TV feature at least one reality show? The same reason why people like to read other people's Tweets. We want to know what other people are doing in their life. Maybe we think our life is boring compared to others or we want to know what our loved ones are doing. But we are constantly wondering about the world around us.

Maybe that's getting too philosophical for my little blog but it's just a fun observation. Anyway, if any of you wanted to know, I'm sitting in the library working on a project about wind turbines. I just Tweeted.


Janna said...

Crazy...I was just thinking about Twitter the other day, wondering if I should add another Internet addiction to my life!

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